Islamabad Club  came into existence in 1967, when government of Pakistan allocated 244 acres of land for the club. This was to be a major source of recreation facility in the newly made capital of Pakistan. The club included all sporting, accommodation and dining facilities. The major component of the club was an 18 holes Golf Course designed by a renowned architect.
President of Pakistan late Field Marshall M. Ayub Khan inaugurated the golf section of the club on 15th November  1967 and PIA Pavilion was opened by Air Marshal Asghar Khan on 26th March 1968, which is now the Clubhouse of ICGC.
The first president of the golf section was Mr S.M.Yusuf from 1968 to 1971 and first secretary of the club was  Wing Commander T. S. Jan. Moreover, many famous personalities have remained the presidents of the golf section, likes of late Justice Cornelius.
Over the years the game of golf started becoming popular in the country and the capital city started growing  rapidly, a need arose that the golf club should be given a separate identity for all administrative purposes and  Pakistan Navy was given the task to help and maintain the club. The first secretary of ICGC from Pakistan Navy  was Commander K.M. Akher, former Asian Games gold medalist in yachting.
Over the years golf course evolved and the machinery was imported to improve its maintenance. The design of  the golf course was changed and length was added to make the course more challenging and a true championship golf course and it became one of the best golf courses in the country.
ICGC is proud to host many national and international golf events and it will be out of context not to mention Mr.  Shabbir Iqbal of ICGC, a champion professional golfer of Pakistan, who has won many championships in the country and has proudly represented Pakistan overseas. Another prominent professional golfer of ICGC is Mr. Mohammad  Munir, who has won recently on the MENA golf tour (2012) and has also represented Pakistan in international events numerous  times. Moreover, the first professional golfer from ICGC to win the most coveted “Title” in Pakistan golf (The Pakistan Open) is Mr. Abdul Hameed (Mattu).
Besides, club has the honor of having Mr. Taimur Hassan, winner of National Amateur Championship of Pakistan several times.