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1Bill/1Link/1 Invoice payment system

1Bill/1Link/1 Invoice payment system for more ease and comfort wherein our members can make online payments easily without any cost. This facility provide online payment to Islamabad Club from internet Banking, Mobile applications, ATMs etc with more ease and comfort. This facility is user-friendly without any hassle.

Following are the details of transaction process:

  • Islamabad Club Member will select 1Link/1Bill/1Invoice option at bank’s ADC (Alternate Digital Channels e.g. Internet Banking, Mobile App, ATM etc). Initial Guidance may be obtained from the member’s relevant bank.
  • Islamabad Club has already allocated unique code 1Link/1Bill reference Number which may be obtained from: a. Monthly Bill sent through email. b. By accessing/creating account on Member portal at
  • Member will enter 1Link/1Bill reference number at bank’s ADC.
  • Outstanding monthly bill amount of last month will be displayed against the reference number.
  • Member can verify the due payment from the monthly bill and initiate the payment.
  • This service is for active members only.

For your convenience, multiple payment options are available as follows:

  • Direct Deposit by visiting any Faysal Bank branch in the country (Click here to Download Deposit Slip)
  • Via Credit / Debit Cards through Islamabad Club website ( by creating an account (view or Pay your monthly bill).
  • Through Cash, Credit Card or Cross Cheque at Cash Counter of Islamabad Club from 09:00am–7:00pm (MON-SAT).
  • Via Internet Banking or ATM through online fund transfer.

    Bank Account Details:

    Account No0113-2031116-145
    Title of accountIslamabad Club
    Bank Name & AddressFaysal Bank Limited, Main Branch, Blue Area, Islamabad
    Branch Code0113
    IBAN CodePK81FAYS0001132031116145

    An intimation of your transaction mentioning your membership no. must be emailed at: [email protected]

However, for the convenience of our members the ‘’Drop Box’’ facility has also been provided at the Main Lobby. Cheques/pay orders in the name of "Islamabad Club" can be dropped in the box.

NOTE: Kindly don’t forget to mention your membership number on the back of Cheque/pay order etc for identification. Extra material in front of the cheque i.e membership no/name is not allowed.

For any clarification and verification, Please contact Billing Section at :

Contact # (051-9046164, 051-9046165)
From 09:00am–5:00pm (Mon-Thu)
From 09:00am–04:00pm (Friday)

bill[email protected] & [email protected]

Extract from Islamabad Club Regulations 2020:

  • In the first week of each month, all members on the active list of the Club will be sent an e-bill for the previous month containing monthly Club subscription, other dues and expenses incurred by the member. The bill must be paid by the end of the month, failing which, late fee at the rate of 2.5% per month will be charged.
  • In case the bill is not received by any member by 15th day of the month, the member must obtain a duplicate copy of the bill. Payment of Club dues shall be the sole responsibility of the member and must be made by end of the month/specified date. Club shall not be responsible for late fee so charged or stoppage of facility, suspension, and termination of membership due to non-payment of bills for any reason.

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