Islamabad Club was established in the year 1967 to provide recreational and sports facilities for the Government servants, diplomats and other inhabitants of Islamabad; the new Capital of Pakistan. Initially registered as a limited company, titled “The Islamabad Club” under the Companies Act of 1913. An area of 244.8 acres was leased to the Club by the Capital Development Authority. The current geographical area of Club is approx 352 acres.

In 1978, through the Presidential Ordinance No. XXXIII of 17th July 1978, the Club ownership was resumed by the Government of Pakistan and the Company was dissolved. Since then, Club is operating under the said Ordinance (Club Ordinance).  

Islamabad Club is a statutory body; President of Pakistan is Patron of the Club. After 8th amendment the Club came under the administrative control of CAⅅ previously under Ministry of Sports, Culture & Youth Affairs however, with the abolishment of CA&DD w.e.f. 19th September 2018 the Club is now under the administrative control of Cabinet Division, Government of Pakistan.

Islamabad Club is an unincorporated club comprising of its members and is functioning under the ambit of Islamabad Club (Administration) Ordinance 1978 (Club Ordinance). Club is not recipient of any Government grants/PSDP funding etc.

The administration and assets of the Club are vested in the Administrator who is appointed by the Federal Government and is aided and advised by a Managing Committee which is also appointed by the Federal Government.

Club Management structure comprised of Secretary (CEO) of the Club assisted by Department Heads for the execution and oversight of the policy given by the Administrator and the Managing Committee.

The key cardinal principles governing the whole operations of the Club is to utilize the internally generated funds for the key objectives of the Club and to ensure that the resources of the Club are utilized through a consultative and transparent process. Islamabad Club is committed to facilitate and provide the best services to our members and their families.