Ref: Islamabad Club Membership Regulations 2022

Part – III


  1. Number of Members:

(1)  The membership of Islamabad Club shall not exceed Ten Thousand (10,000) numbers at any given time in the various categories as mentioned in these Regulations except for categories exempted from interview of the Balloting Committee and the tenure memberships. However, the Federal Government may make amendment in this regard, if so desired.

(2) Consequently, within the stipulated limit the Administrator may fix the total number of Members to be inducted in any given calendar/financial year, in any class specified in these Regulations. The Administrator may further, if required, specify conditions for relaxation in any class. However, such relaxation shall be an exception and not the rule.

  1. Membership Categories:

 (1)   Islamabad Club shall consist of the following categories of Membership:

  i. Honorary Membership (President & Prime Minister of Pakistan )

  ii. Parliamentarian Membership

          iii. Parliamentarian Membership (Tenure)

           iv. Service Membership

           v. Service Membership (Tenure)

           vi. Diplomat Membership (Download Form) 

           vii. Non-Diplomat Membership

           viii. Corporate (Entity) Membership

           ix. Private/Non-Service Membership

           x. Any other membership category which the Administrator may specify from time to time.

(2)   In addition to the above, the Club may grant limited Playing/Usage Rights as under and/or as specified from time to time:

   i. Riding Playing Rights

   ii. Polo Playing Rights

Part – IV


  1. Any gentleman/lady, resident of Rawalpindi/Islamabad or posted in Islamabad, of not less than eighteen years of age shall be eligible for membership.
  2.   A Candidate desiring to become a Member of the Islamabad Club in any of the classes mentioned in these Regulations shall fulfill the detailed eligibility criteria for each class specified under these Regulations.
  3. Any applicant fulfilling general eligibility criteria shall not be deemed to be entitled to grant of Membership. Membership to any class shall be granted in accordance with the procedure specified in these regulations and shall be the sole prerogative of the Islamabad Club.