Classes of Membership:

The Islamabad Club consists of a number of Members which may from time to time be decided by the Managing Committee.

Any gentleman/lady of not less than twenty six years of age shall be eligible for election to the following classes of membership:

  • Service Members.
  • Non-Service Members.
  • Associate (Diplomat) Members Download Membership Form
  • Associate (Non Diplomat) Members.
  • Temporary Members.
  • Visiting Members.


Service Members:

Permanent Civil Servants in the service of Pakistan, and commissioned officers in the Defence Forces, serving in Grade 17 or above, and civil or defence officers who have duly retired from service and are receiving qualifying service pension from State exchequer.

Non Service Members:

All other gentlemen/ladies not falling in the “Service Members” category, but having the requisite social status and holding Pakistani Nationality.

Associate (Diplomat) Members:

All Diplomats and other Expatriates who have been issued with a Diplomatic Card by the Pakistan Foreign Office.

Associate (Non Diplomat) Members:

Expatriate gentlemen/ladies working in different commercial organizations and of requisite social status.

Temporary Members:

Temporary Membership may be allowed up to a minimum period of 30 days and not exceeding 90 days in any calendar year for expatriates visiting Islamabad.

Visiting Members:

Members of the affiliated clubs, non-resident in Islamabad / Rawalpindi area and visiting Islamabad may on presenting a card of introduction from their club be admitted as visiting Members for a period of up to 30 days for each visit with a maximum of three visits permissible in a calendar year.