Gymnasium Gymnasium
Islamabad Club gym facility comprises of a variety of customized exercise programs, such as individual training programs as well as group classes for members of all age groups, based on their health and fitness levels and lifestyles. Our professional team of trainers will design fitness programs for you to enjoy and recreate your energy. The gym is equipped with a  variety of state of the art equipment, which caters to the fitness needs of individuals. The trainers are fully trained to ensure safe and result oriented exercises for our valued members. Our members can enjoy and benefit from the new fitness concepts and innovations as the gym is equipped with world class fitness equipment from Techno Gym Italy.
The gymnasium contains:
Gymnasium New Gym
New gym is equipped with the following machines:
Kinesis Stations
Kinesis Omega Class
Flexibility Posterior and Anterior
Cardiovascular Machines
Group Cycles
Strength Selection Upper and Lower Body Machines
Gymnasium Main Gym
Main gym is equipped with the following machines:
Cardio Zone: Treadmills, Elliptical, Waves, Stationary Bikes, Hand Bike.
Strength Line (Upper and lower body): Chest Press, Pectoral, Shoulder Press, Lat Machine, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Adductor, Abductor, Lower Back
Abdominal & Core: Total Abdominal, Rotary Torso, Abdominal Crunch
Mats & Floor Exercises: Includes body stretches on mats and flexibility exercises with qualified trainers.
Gymnasium Kinesis Room
Kinesis is a new exercise system introduced for the first time in Pakistan in Islamabad Club, which allows us to move in total freedom with three-dimensional resistance to the force of gravity, as well as strengthens and tones body muscles, and improves body stability, flexibility, self-perception and motor skills. It’s “Integrated movement training,” not isolated muscle training, because every exercise works multiple muscles at the same time.Free weight Room:
Free weight room is equipped with the most advanced machines and free weights, which meet the requirements of those who would like to exercise with high intensity workouts. The free weight room is equipped with the following machines.

Radiant Machine
Multipurpose Smith machine
Biceps Curl
Dumbbells and plates in different range of weights

Steam Bath: A six seater steam bath to relax the body and unwind the mind.

Changing & Shower Rooms