Cool crisp wind, the scent of freshly cut pasture and a scenic back-drop of the Margalla hills is exactly what one needs to ease their soul and mind. And satiating your appetite and taste buds is our guarantee at the Polo Snack Bar.  A creamy cappuccino or smoothie while you read a book, and revel in this atmospheric harmony. A tuna and cottage cheese salad, the precise delicacy for when you’re hungry yet watching your carbohydrate count. Crispy Fish and Burger Bonanza, when eating out with the young ones outdoors or getting together with friends. At the end of each dining experience, feel fresh and clean, just like our food and mood. Islamabad Club’s Polo Snack Bar, set amidst our lush polo ground, with a breath-taking view of the Margalla hills, is the perfect way to spend valuable time.