Thu, Aug 11,2022


Online Bill Payment

1. Browse Islamabad Club website (

2. Click on Member Login link at top right corner of the web site.

3. Enter your Login and Password. If not already created please follow the procedure:

a. Click Create Account link. After verification the system will e-mail your login ID and password immediately subject to the condition that e-mail ID has already been registered with us.

b. In case your ID has not been registered or you want to register a new e-mail ID, submit your request through Create Account link. Our staff will contact you for verification for security purpose. We will confirm registration of your new e-mail ID at your mentioned e-mail address.

4. Click Online Bill Payment link

5. Fill out the required fields i.e. province and postal code. All other fields are filled default that you can change except name.

6. Your last Outstanding Bill will be displayed

a. Member has the option to change the amount

7. Click on term and condition box and press next button

8. Confirmation page will be opened

9. Press Confirm button, a page will be opened to enter your credit card credentials.

10. Enter credit card credentials.

11. Now Press Pay button.